Queensland Holiday Vouchers

To make your Reservation and claim your Qld Holiday Voucher, please follow the directions below:

~ We operate 7 days a week, from early till late. QLD Holiday Dollars Vouchers are not valid to be redeemed between 3:30 – 6:00 pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday’s.

~ Booking changes: Once your Booking has been Reserved, you will not be able to change the Dates for the same price. If you must move your Reservation, there is a $50 fee. Changes due to weather is at the discretion of our experienced Skipper. In the event of a Cancelation by Island Gondola, there will not be a fee penalty and your Booking will be re-scheduled.

Qld Holiday dollars 1
Hi, and welcome to Island Gondola!
If you have a QLD HOLIDAY DOLLARS VOUCHER and would like to book with us,
Please send a text message to 0466 662 911
🌟  a screenshot/ photo or the link to your voucher


🌟  Your Name, Phone and email address


🌟  The date and time you’re hoping for (Please check our calendar for availability)


🌟  How many people you would like to Book


🌟  Your menu option, or if you would like to BYO food


🌟 If you would like red wine, white wine or champagne flutes for your cruise
We will save your time and date for you, process your voucher, then we will look forward to being in touch regarding the remaining amount owing.
🌟 Thank you for choosing to book with us!
Warm regards,
We look forward to creating a magical Gondola experience and lifetime memory.

Holiday Vouchers Terms & Conditions

Booking changes

  • You are required to contact Island Gondola to enact any date or other changes in accordance with the Island Gondola’s Terms and Conditions.

  • Island Gondola will make any date changes against the Brisbane Holiday Dollars voucher in the portal.

    NOTE: You the consumer must have booked your experience by 11:59pm AEST, Friday 4 June 2021 to be eligible to use the voucher. Voucher number is valid until the operator accepts the booking, and no additional technical process is required.

    Refunds and cancellations

  • You are required to contact Island Gondola to facilitate the cancellation process in accordance with Island Gondola’s Terms and Conditions.

  • Island Gondola will login to the operator portal to update the booking accordingly. This should be done as soon as possible.

    No shows/cancellations that incur 100 per cent cancellation fee

  • No shows are considered an automatic cancellation and handled in accordance with Island Gondola’s Terms and Conditions.

  • If the cancellation incurs 100 per cent cancellation fee, then the usual operator reimbursement process will apply.

  • Operators will be required to provide proof of cancellation terms and validation that the cancellation attracted 100 per cent cancellation fee.

Qld Holiday dollars 2